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Hey Jen, It’s great that you have these kinds of friends. Few people, socially awkward or not, can say they have friends for life. The risk though is that if you don’t feel able to socialize with people in general and make friends, you’ll feel dependent on these friends and get clingy.

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Well - The New York Times Medical school teaches us to examine, to research, to treat. We don’t learn to err and recover. By SARA MANNING PESKIN, M.D.

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19 Signs You're Married to a Narcissist- the Narcissists Wife Married to a Narcissist ~ *(I am not a psychologist, I have experience with this situation and I am sharing from that and my own research. I have approached this from a females perspective, as that is what I am and what I have been dealing with in my husband).

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Alcoholism - Wikipedia Alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a broad term for any drinking of alcohol that results in mental or physical health problems. The disorder was previously divided into two types: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. In a medical context, alcoholism is said to exist when two or more of the following conditions are present: a person drinks large amounts over a long time.

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Possible Signs of Asexuality – Part 3: About Others. This is the third post in a three part series on the possible signs of asexuality. The items discussed here aren’t meant to be any kind of “Am I Ace?” checklist, so it’s okay if you don’t identify or agree with any of them.

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Possible Signs of Asexuality – Part 1: About You. A lack of experiencing sexual attraction is the only thing that all asexuals have in common. That’s what the definition of asexuality is. But that definition doesn’t help people who are trying to figure out if they’re asexual.

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5 Brutally Honest Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn't Love You 5 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Love You 1. He “Doesn’t Know” If your boyfriend has directly told you that he doesn’t know if he loves you, or that he “loves you but not in love with you”, or he loves you but not sure you are “the one” – it means his feelings for you have changed.

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10 Signs of Walking Depression: When You’re Really Unhappy. Me me, I’m experiencing what you are talking about! “Amazing mothering” but throwing myself under the bus in the process. And then now attempting to reclaim myself but feeling crazy guilty about it.

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When is it Time to Leave an Alcoholic? | I am in love with an alcoholic. When he is sober I love being with him, and I’m happy. When he’s drunk, he is a different person, and I hate being around him.

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35 Signs The Girl You’re Dating Is A Whore – Return Of Kings “As blushing will sometimes make a whore pass for a virtuous woman, so modesty may make a fool seem a man of sense.”-Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) Most men seek to escape the Matrix of the Anglosphere to find a ‘good’ woman.